Saturday, February 6, 2016

Been awhile since I have posted here. I wanted to chime in on the Microsoft surface. I realize that it has been out for a few years now but up til about 6 months ago I didn't really have any experience using it or even exposure to it. Recently however all that has changed.

I have to say overall though the experience has been underwhelming to say the least. Now just to be clear the one that I have been using is running Windows 10 and yes it has a stylus and the type cover. I mean first and foremost it is full Windows. Which Microsoft touts as a great selling point, but as someone who most often uses and Chromebook or Android device it just feels outdated and slow. Even when I am doing more heavy duty tasks like photo editing or video production my weapon of choice is a Macbook Pro. Which is far more elegant.

My major problem with it is just the fact that Microsoft chose not to innovate or or even freshen Windows post Windows XP for so long that the world moved on without them. I mean yeah you can use full office on the surface among other things but with options like Google Docs out there why would you need to. Yes it will run full desktop programs but I found them to be slow and buggy. This no doubt would have been better on the Surface Pro but again as some perfectly at home in the Google universe of web based apps, why?

As a tablet its less polished and slow than other options. As a laptop replacement it is plagued by the problems Windows has had for decades, malware, constant updates, frequent reboots, degrading performance over time,  and general lack of innovation. Add to that underwhelming battery life, a less robust web store, and a big price tag when compared to comparable android devices. In the short time I have dad this one I have had to completely reload the OS in addition to fixing other software issues.

I would say don't bother.

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