Sunday, October 21, 2012

Windows 8 RTM Review

I've spent a few days playing with the new Windows 8 RTM ahead of the release. I am still missing the start menu but I will say that you can get used to the Metro style interface given enough time. Still it is obvious that this is intended to be a touch driven OS, and I see this being the most useful on a tablet or touch enabled device. I like the full screen style apps very clean and simplistic. I especially like the mail and calendar apps. Still not an IE fan but using Google Chrome is full screen is pretty awesome. I really like some of the new sync features and the fact that it syncs with some third party accounts like Google and Twitter. The app store has a lot of potential but still has too few apps to be truly exciting. This new OS is a bit overwhelming at first becuase it is so drastically different but it does kind or grow on you. I am very  surprised to see Microsoft drop Aero and go back to a more simplistic user interface. I was pretty critical of Windows 8 in my previous post and I will say with the RTM it is definitely more polished and usable.

Here is a short video from CNET to tell you a bit more.

Posted by Joshua NIcholes