Friday, March 9, 2012

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Review

Have you downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview yet? I have and I have been testing it for about a week now. Overall it seems to be pretty stable and on par with Windows 7 as far as performance is concerned, The full screen apps are interesting and the webstore is a bit sparse but after all this is a beta release. So this is likely to get bettter by the actual release date. Overall it seems to be a decent OS. All that said there is one thing that I hate, the Metro interface. Please Microsoft give me back the start menu. I admit that I can see this working on a tablet but not a notebook as I am running it.

I did give it a try, but on a non-touch interface I just couldn't stand it. I added a start button using a program called VIStart you can get it HERE. And now that I have a start button all is well, pretty much. I am missing the ability to right-click start menu items but I can live with it. Otherwise the interface is a little more polished and seems to have generally the same features as Windows 7 with some now shortcut features at the right and left of the screen. Metro is better as an add-on than an interface. You can download and try Windows 8 HERE.

Posted by Josh Nicholes

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