Thursday, January 12, 2012

Google Plus Really is Better than Facebook

I have been using Google + for awhile now. I thought it was about time to give some impressions. Overall I like it much better than Facebook. Here's why:

1. Nice clean interface no ads
2. You have much greater control over what you share and with who
3. Circles allow you to group contacts easily and logically
4. People can follow you and see public post and you don't have to see any of there's
5. No annoying friend requests
6. It is far easier to find interesting people and pages
7. Hangouts are awesome

Bare in mind that Google + is still fairly new but there are still a few improvements that I would like to see:

1. More of a presence on the web Facebook is everywhere, Google+ not so much... yet
2. Tighter integration with the rest of Googles products
3. More fully featured mobile apps
4. Ability to share more than just links, videos, and photos
5. Ability to post and share via Gmail
6. Ability to access and post to my product pages for mobile apps and browsers

As with most of Googles offerings. Google+ is defiantly awesome. And will only get better.

Posted by: Josh Nicholes

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Dick Kruse said...

I agree with everything you said. An additional advantage I feel is that it seems to be a more mature audience on Google+. As such, posts are more interesting - you don't have people posting about their hangovers or other worthless topics.

Relating to your "better integration" point: is there a way to share your posts on Blogger with circles on Google+?