Sunday, October 21, 2012

Windows 8 RTM Review

I've spent a few days playing with the new Windows 8 RTM ahead of the release. I am still missing the start menu but I will say that you can get used to the Metro style interface given enough time. Still it is obvious that this is intended to be a touch driven OS, and I see this being the most useful on a tablet or touch enabled device. I like the full screen style apps very clean and simplistic. I especially like the mail and calendar apps. Still not an IE fan but using Google Chrome is full screen is pretty awesome. I really like some of the new sync features and the fact that it syncs with some third party accounts like Google and Twitter. The app store has a lot of potential but still has too few apps to be truly exciting. This new OS is a bit overwhelming at first becuase it is so drastically different but it does kind or grow on you. I am very  surprised to see Microsoft drop Aero and go back to a more simplistic user interface. I was pretty critical of Windows 8 in my previous post and I will say with the RTM it is definitely more polished and usable.

Here is a short video from CNET to tell you a bit more.

Posted by Joshua NIcholes

Friday, March 9, 2012

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Review

Have you downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview yet? I have and I have been testing it for about a week now. Overall it seems to be pretty stable and on par with Windows 7 as far as performance is concerned, The full screen apps are interesting and the webstore is a bit sparse but after all this is a beta release. So this is likely to get bettter by the actual release date. Overall it seems to be a decent OS. All that said there is one thing that I hate, the Metro interface. Please Microsoft give me back the start menu. I admit that I can see this working on a tablet but not a notebook as I am running it.

I did give it a try, but on a non-touch interface I just couldn't stand it. I added a start button using a program called VIStart you can get it HERE. And now that I have a start button all is well, pretty much. I am missing the ability to right-click start menu items but I can live with it. Otherwise the interface is a little more polished and seems to have generally the same features as Windows 7 with some now shortcut features at the right and left of the screen. Metro is better as an add-on than an interface. You can download and try Windows 8 HERE.

Posted by Josh Nicholes

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Google Plus Really is Better than Facebook

I have been using Google + for awhile now. I thought it was about time to give some impressions. Overall I like it much better than Facebook. Here's why:

1. Nice clean interface no ads
2. You have much greater control over what you share and with who
3. Circles allow you to group contacts easily and logically
4. People can follow you and see public post and you don't have to see any of there's
5. No annoying friend requests
6. It is far easier to find interesting people and pages
7. Hangouts are awesome

Bare in mind that Google + is still fairly new but there are still a few improvements that I would like to see:

1. More of a presence on the web Facebook is everywhere, Google+ not so much... yet
2. Tighter integration with the rest of Googles products
3. More fully featured mobile apps
4. Ability to share more than just links, videos, and photos
5. Ability to post and share via Gmail
6. Ability to access and post to my product pages for mobile apps and browsers

As with most of Googles offerings. Google+ is defiantly awesome. And will only get better.

Posted by: Josh Nicholes