Thursday, July 21, 2011

OSX Lion - Early Review

OSX Lion landed yesterday and I wasted no time getting in downloaded and installed on mine and my wife's macs. Earlier this month I cam across a video giving a good overview of the new features. You can view that video HERE. Overall I am liking this newest version. The interface is a little cleaner and more modern. I love the ability to use almost any app in full-screen mode and I am liking the new gestures. Plus Airdrop is a pretty useful way to share data and files with no configuration.

However there are a few things that I have had issues with. I can't get the hang of the inverted scrolling. It is backwards from what I am used to and therefore I had to turn it off. (To do this open System Preferences > Trackpad > Under Scroll and Zoom uncheck Scroll Direction Natural.

I have also found some issues with a few of my programs. First Google Chrome seems very unstable and crashes frequently. Chrome is by far my preferred browser but I have been forced to use Safari until the issue is fixed. Also my Parallels Desktop 6 no longer opens any virtual machines. Also there are a few other programs that no longer work, such as mac janitor for example.

All in all though I am pretty happy so far and really looking forward to iCloud this fall. Learn more about Lion from Apple's homepage HERE

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