Monday, October 3, 2011

Windows 8

A few weeks ago I downloaded a Developer Preview of Windows 8. You can get it HERE. I have been playing with it some and overall I am not that big of a fan as far as using it on a laptop goes. It borrows a lot from the windows phone 7 and is clearly aimed at touch screen devices. I am having issues without having a start menu. Who knows how much its likely to change between now and its release. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

This VIDEO does a decent job of running you through the basics. Stay tuned.

Posted by Josh Nicholes

Create A Hackintosh Server in Virtualbox

I recently set-up a OSX Snow Leopard Server running in Virtualbox.

What you need:

A computer running Virtualbox w/ at least 3 GB of RAM
An Internet Connection
An Apple OSX Snow Leopard Retail CD
*This is for testing only and not met for production.

First I installed OSX 10.6 following this article.
Once that was done I created an inexpensive server using this guide

enjoy : )

Posted by Josh

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rooted Nook Color

No secret that I am a fan of B&N's Nook Color. A few months ago I blogged about it HERE. Well A few days ago I bit the bullet and rooted my Nook Color to CM7 following the instructions in THIS VIDEO. This process was really straightforward a took about an hour. Now I am running a fully-featured Android OS.

So why?

1. Now I have access to the full Android Market and all of the apps there
2. I can now tether my Nook Color and access internet from my phone
3. The best reason, I now have Bluetooth capabilities and can use devices such as my Bluetooth headset (To make calls through Skype), an external Bluetooth keyboard, and to my phone to tether Bluetooth or share photos and files.
4. Also with the Nook Android App I still have access to all of my Books and Magazines.

So what's missing?

1. The Read to Me books from Barnes and Noble do not work, sort of a let down for my Kiddo. Hopefully that functionality gets added in soon.

So now the disclaimer: Rooting your Nook will void the warranty and if not done properly can damage your system. Do not take this post as advice to try this at home. Root at your own risk.

If you wish to unroot your Nook Color check out THIS VIDEO. Although I have not tried it yet. All in all I would say rooting makes for a pretty awesome $250 Android tablet.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

OSX Lion - Early Review

OSX Lion landed yesterday and I wasted no time getting in downloaded and installed on mine and my wife's macs. Earlier this month I cam across a video giving a good overview of the new features. You can view that video HERE. Overall I am liking this newest version. The interface is a little cleaner and more modern. I love the ability to use almost any app in full-screen mode and I am liking the new gestures. Plus Airdrop is a pretty useful way to share data and files with no configuration.

However there are a few things that I have had issues with. I can't get the hang of the inverted scrolling. It is backwards from what I am used to and therefore I had to turn it off. (To do this open System Preferences > Trackpad > Under Scroll and Zoom uncheck Scroll Direction Natural.

I have also found some issues with a few of my programs. First Google Chrome seems very unstable and crashes frequently. Chrome is by far my preferred browser but I have been forced to use Safari until the issue is fixed. Also my Parallels Desktop 6 no longer opens any virtual machines. Also there are a few other programs that no longer work, such as mac janitor for example.

All in all though I am pretty happy so far and really looking forward to iCloud this fall. Learn more about Lion from Apple's homepage HERE

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Josh NIcholes

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mac OSX Lion Preview

HERE is a decent preview of the upcoming OSX Lion. Should be released July 16th if everything I hear is true. Borrows a lot of features for iOS and gets some new styling and updates. I'm looking forward to it.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Nook Color: Sleeper Tablet

The Nook color is by far the best buy as far as Android tablets are concerned. I've had a Nook since before christmas and overall I have been very impressed. Its by far the best e-reader device on the market, good for surfing the web, decent battery life, expandable storage, plays movies and music, and come preloaded with Pandora. Overall a very good product for $250.

Well folks it just got a lot better. The new 1.2 update that was released early this week makes it by far the best value Android tablet out there. The update adds improved performance and stability, adobe flash support (something the ipad still can't do), an email application supporting pop and imap, and an app store. So far there are about 150 apps available some of them free, and hopefully many more coming soon. I purchased the quick office pro app allowing me to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and store and save them in Google Docs, Dropbox,, or Mobile Me. Did I mention that you can get all this for only $250. So if you dismissed the Nook Color as not quite feature rich enough to meet your needs I urge you to take a second look.