Friday, December 10, 2010

Direction of Computing

I was just thinking that it is interesting that the direction of modern computing is actually being driven by the development of mobile devices and smart phones. For example one of the newest trends is the advent of the app store. Smart phone users are familiar with the iphone app store, android app market, and blackberry app world.

Now we are starting to see this trend make the leap to the personal computer with Apples announcement of a new Mac app store and the new Chrome Webstore. (On a side note I am very impressed with the Chrome Webstore. I have spent several days browsing it and I am a fan of the concept.) We also have the itunes store and Amazons' MP3 store for music and other streaming media. And sites such as Hulu, Blockbuster, and Netflix for our movies and tv shows. Of course there is also Pandora and Launchcast for streaming music, and Kindle and Nook Apps, and Google books to take care of reading books and magazines.

Further all data is moving to the cloud meaning that nothing need be stored on our pc's any longer but instead is stored in the cloud. In fact this is the entire concept behind the Chrome OS. We have Microsoft Office Web Apps and Google Docs for office productivity and file storage and Windows Live Photo and Picasa for our photos.

Overall newer devices are getting lighter and smaller such as Netbooks and Apples' Macbook Air. Or may even be touch screen such as Android Tablets, the Ipad, the Nook or the Kindle. These devices aslo contain far less disk space and overall computing power, why? Because all the processing is happening in the cloud and the data is stored in the cloud. The minimal clients that run on a web-browser platforms for newer apps really don't require much horsepower.

Lastly, we are seeing the social networking and collaboration built in everywhere. Modern apps are almost always tied to twitter or facebook. Or they contain the ability to chat or share information in real time or collaboratively work on documents or projects. So what's going away?

1. Traditional Hard Disks, will be replaced by Solid State or Flash memory.
2. Media Drives, such as DVD or CD Drives will soon become a thing of the past, to be replaced by online delivery of everything from Software to Movies and Music.
3. Cable Based Networking. To be replaced by Wifi many modern devices are wifi enabled, everything from PC's and Laptops, to gaming systems, tv's, and even some kitchen appliances.

Expect smaller, lighter, and less expensive devices overall that are essential disposable becuase nothing of any value is stored on them.

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