Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Traditional Radio is Dead... and TV's next.

I was just thinking yesterday, that I don't remember the last time that I listened to AM/FM radio. Between the Sirius Radio in the car and on my laptop, Pandora Radio on my phone and my laptop, and my synced media library on my phone, laptop, on my mp3 player, and available online via my home media server if all traditional radio went off the air tomorrow I wouldn't even notice.

The same holds true for regular over the air TV. Thanks to satellite TV I haven't watched over the air TV for at least 10 years. As far as that goes Thanks to YouTube, Hulu, streaming Netflix and my home media server I am becoming more reliant on my laptop for watching TV and movies. In fact I find that I am even using the laptop as my primary DVD player. Thanks to the Wii my big screen TV also has Youtube, access to my home media server, and streaming Netflix. Can't wait for Google TV.

Posted by: Josh Nicholes

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