Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ubuntu 10.4 is Here

Ubuntu 10.4 released a few days ago. So far here's what's new;
Overall very little has changed from what I can see. There are some minor visual tweaks to improve the look and feel.
1. Ubuntu is moving away from the traditional brown theme in favor of a dark grey theme.
2. The boot up speed has improved but only slightly as I didn't notice a huge difference.
3. Conical introduces the new Ubuntu One music service that allows users to pay for and download there favorite songs and albums.
4. This version add the new Me menu giving you access to Facebook, Twitter, and some other social networking services right from the desktop.
5. Gimp is no longer included as part of the default install, but can be added at any time from the Software Centre

To see more or download Ubuntu CLICK HERE

Posted by: Josh NIcholes

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