Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ipad, Apples new tablet is a let down.


After all the hype it turns out that the ipad is an ipod touch with a larger screen. Initially I envisioned the Apple tablet to be a replacement for a laptop and or netbook. There are a couple of problems though;

First off its running the iphone os which is not a truly useful os for any practical user because there is no multi-tasking capabilities. The minimal hardware and proprietary processor will also make it impossible to do any hard core computing or running any demanding apps.

Second it only has, at best, 64 GB of storage space. That won't even accommodate most peoples media library's these days, let alone apps, data, etc.

Third, it only has a single speaker? I though this thing was going to be a media dynamo.

Think more of a palm pilot replacement than a netbook replacement. After all my palm (circa 2003) can do everything the ipad does it just lacks the large display and multi-touch capabilities.

There are a few things Apple did right though, foremost the pricing is getting better. It is nice to see them selling a device at a competitive price. I expected the ipad to be around $1,000. Also it would be a convenient device for e-books or watching movies.

But at this point it is more of a toy or an accessory to your mac than a standalone device. What we really need is an I pad with at least a 2.0 gzh processor, 2 GB of ram, (maybe more) 160 GB (or more) of storage space, running mac OSX Snow Leopard. Think Mac Book touch. Just ditch the keyboard and make the entire display a touch pad.

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