Friday, October 16, 2009

Windows 7 RTM Review

I've been using the Windows 7 RTM version for a few weeks now and overall I am very happy. I think this release is the OS that people have been waiting for and even if you hated Vista and retreated back to Windows XP its worth the upgrade. Personally I think that Vista had some great new features and Windows 7 improves on those:

*Windows 7 has great performance enhancements over Vista thanks to better resource management and a reduction in the number of services that are stared at boot

*I really like the redesigned taskbar which is like the quick launch menu on steroids, also the active windows previews, jump lists, and window management features make it far easier to find your applications and manage windows

*Driver support in Windows 7 is leaps and bounds ahead of where Vista was at its release you may find that hardware that had no Vista driver may work fine in 7, and of course if it worked with Vista it will work in Windows 7

*The User Account Control or UAC security feature is far less annoying in 7 and it allows for greater user control

*Visual themes and the options to customize the look and feel of your desktop are far improved and the RTM includes some very nicely polished visual themes that were not in the Release Candidate

*The new device stage makes it easier to manage the various devices connected to your computer and quickly access there features

*The new Windows 7 Home groups and Librarys will make it easier to organize and share files. These librarys allow you to access all similar content regardless of where it is stored on your hard disk or network.

*Also Microsoft has reduced the number of editions for Windows 7 to just 3 and with the eventual release of Windows XP Mode promises greater comparability with your XP applications

The bad news....

No upgrade path from windows XP. You will have to do a clean install but Windows 7's installer will automatically save all of your data for you to the Windows.old folder and after you've got 7 up and running you can simply drag and drop your data to the appropriate locations. To learn more check out:
Posted by: Joshua Nicholes

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