Friday, May 15, 2009

Recession = reduced Cyber Security

As the economy worsens so will our cyber security. With the economic downturn financial desperation increases in the populace. What does this mean in terms of IT security? I predict a rise in hoaxes, scams, and identity thefts aimed to separate you from your money. Not only are the criminals desperate but their victims are desperate too, I predict you will see more folks out there fall for these types of scams.

Organizations and individuals alike are spending less on security software and services and IT staffs are being reduced. This means that overall there is less monitoring and protection out there on the Internet as a whole. So what can an average home user do to protect themselves in tough times?

1. Keep antivirus and security software up-to-date. Here are a couple of free ones that will keep you safe.
MS Defender

2. Use firefox (also free), and clear your private data after every use. It is by far a safer browser.

3. Don't visit sites your not sure about, better safe than sorry.

4. Do your online shopping at sites you trust, don't be tempted by a bargain.

5. Never give out any personal info (SS #, birth date, bank info, etc...), this applies both online and off.

7. Don't allow your browser to safe your passwords or automatically log you in.

8. Keep all your software up-to-date not just your antivirus (Operating Systems, Office Apps, Browsers, Adobe Software, etc...).

9. Lock-down your home Wifi network (Use Wep encryption at the very least).

10. Don't leave your laptops, phones, PDA's, thumb drives lying around, you'd be surprised how much info someone can get.

Posted by: Joshua Nicholes

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