Thursday, February 19, 2009

Texting and Driving

Almost everyone these days has a cell phone or two. Heck they practically issue them to you at birth, and don't get me wrong they are a real convenience (and nascence). They allow us to stay connected to family and friends, to be a far more mobile workforce, and provide a invaluable tool to get help in an emergency. However they also allow us to endanger our lives far move easily especially behind the wheel. Many states have now made talking on a cell phone or sending text messages while driving illegal. Text messaging while driving in particular sounds like a deadly pass-time while driving.

There is one angle to this situation that I haven't quite figured out however. Why have the cell phone manufactures not stepped in to help save us from ourselves as the auto manufactures have done. After all we have seat belts, air bags, and even speed control systems all designed to help keep us safe in the event of an auto accident. Why are there no safety features on our cell phones?

I challenge cell phone manufactures to utilize the GPS technology that it already built in to most modern cellular devices to develop technology to disable the device from either sending or receiving phone calls and text messages when moving above a certain speed. Let's say 10 mph. Of course just as with the safety features built into automobiles the user should have the option to disable this feature if they wish. I mean you don't have to wear your seat belt if you don't want to. Besides you can easily be moving and not necessarily driving. Additionally just as there are usage controls and block features available to parents to control there kids cell phone usage let's allow parents to permanently lock this feature on and not allow there teen drivers the ability to disable it. I can only image the impact a feature like this may have on reducing the number of cell phone related accidents every year.
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Joshua Nicholes

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