Friday, January 2, 2009

10 Things to do When You Get a New PC

0. Obviously when you get a new system make sure that it is all hooked up and functioning properly.

1. Go through the initial set-up steps, agree to license agreements, name the system, enter your passwords, add users, etc... I am assuming that you also have an active internet connection. Customize your system the way you like it. Set your colors, wallpaper, etc.

2. Immediately go to the control panel > programs and features and remove all OEM pre-bundled crapware. Such as the free trial Internet services, web-browser toolbars, demo games, etc... This stff uses space and resources and you won't use it anyway.

3. Next remove the unnecessary windows features such as tablet pc features or anything else you know you won't be using. You can always reinstall them later.

4. Next remove whatever trail anti-virus software (Mcaffee, Symantec, etc.) and install avast av, my personal favorite and run a boot-up system scan. You will need to register avast but don't worry it is free.

5. Next run Windows Update and install any security patches and updates and set your automatic update schedule.

6. Install any peripheral devices (printers, scanners, usb devices, etc...)

7. Use the Windows Easy Transfer, a thumb drive, or external hard drive to copy your files and data from your old system to the new one.

8. Install any additional software that you use, office suites, productivity software, finance software, etc...

9. Complete a full system backup with Windows Backup and save it somewhere safe.

10. Lastly, devise, configure and scheduled back-up scheme to protect your data. I suggest you install and configure either Mozy, or iDrive. These programs will back-up your important data on-schedule and securly to an off-site location. That way if something happens to your computers (theft, fire, etc.) you still have access to your data. This will also make your next transfer to another computer a snap. Also, you can access your data wherever you have an Internet connection.

Happy New Year!

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Josh Nicholes

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