Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Google Chrome Review

I've been using Google Chrome for a while now off and on, and I am impressed. The first release version has even made some improvements over the last Beta release. Chrome seems to be a lightweight, fast, and overall user friendly browser. They have also added full bookmark support which is a big improvement. Also I have to admit some of the key features of Chrome, namely the all-in-one address / search bar and the dynamic homepage that displays your most visited pages. Some bloggers are complaining of missing plug-in or browser compatibility issues but this not something that I have run into so far.....

There are some things about Chrome that I think still need work. First off, I think I still prefer Firefox because of the wide array of extensions and add-ons that are available. In particular the Foxmarks bookmark synchronizer that allows me to keep my bookmarks no matter which of my numerous machines I happen to log in to. Recently I saw on Foxmarks site they are "working on" a version for Chrome... so who knows. Also to really gain my full support the browser needs to be cross-platform. Google needs to develop Linux, Mac, and other versions to make Chrome available to all users.

All in all my current outlook is somewhat more optimistic than in my earlier Chrome beta post. I think Google has done a good job of listening to the people and working out some of the early bugs. I would defiantly recommend Chrome and think it is here to stay.

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Josh Nicholes

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