Thursday, December 4, 2008

First Impression of Songbird

A few days ago Mozilla made available for release Songbird 1.0 its new media player and potential iTunes killer. I gave it a brief test drive today and I have to say that initially I am impressed. I have been a fan of both the Firefox web-browser and Thunderbird Mail client since their releases and again Mozilla has impressed me. True its still a little rough around the edges, but give it a chance.. I think you'll like it.

First off, its a truly cross-platform app that works on Windows, Linux, and Mac unlike iTunes which supports no Linux version. It has integrated into it a huge collection of extent ions and feathers (skins) which will only continue to expand. Just like Firefox these add-ons can greatly extend the functionality and customizability of the app. It has has built right into it many of the great features of Firefox that we all know and love. It appears to have great support for a range of mobile mp3 devices and has some nice features like streaming media from the web and the ability to play a wide range of media formats.

However there are a few things missing. Some pretty important things. First off, no ability to rip CD's to the library. Maybe worse than that, no ability to burn media files to disk. Until these features are added many users may not want to switch from iTunes. Personally I really hope that they get these features added soon. It really annoys me that Apple all but forces you to install Safari or some of their other software if your an iTunes user. I also love to be able to use the same app no matter what OS I'm using. I defiantly think that we haven't heard the last of Songbird.

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Josh Nicholes

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