Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Googe Chrome - Lean, Mean, and low on features:

Google continues to impress me with their projects and innovations. After taking a look at their first attempt at a web browser, Chrome, released yesterday. I am initially somewhat impressed, but I don't think I'll be switching just yet.. Chrome is is very small, very fast, but gives you just the basics. Contrary to some other Blog posts I've read I don't think that Firefox should be too scared... at least not yet. At some point there needs to be a trade-off between pure speed and some options and features. Chrome has basically no features save for bookmarking. Let's not forget however this is only Google's first attempt, as they usually do, give em time I think they'll get it right.

For now Firefox is still my browser of choice because of its excellent performance and security, and the countless addons and options that increase and customize its functionality. That being said I think that IE should pack it in. It is still the slowest and most insecure browser out there, and although IE 7 and the new IE 8 have added some nice features we must not forget that all of those features for the most part were ripped off from Firefox and other competitors. It is simply too little to late for IE who hasn't shown any real innovation for quite some time now.

Bottom line folks with all the other superior options out there (in order from my favorite to least favorite); Firefox, Opera, Safari, and now Chrome, there is no reason to still be using Internet Explore. I am anxoius to see what the future holds for Chrome, and must admit I quite enjoy the "Browser Wars" and look forward to the next battle.

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Josh Nicholes

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