Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Thoughts on Vista

The net and tech publications alike are jammed with every geeks opinion of Vista so here's mine... I started using Vista in the very early releases and have been using it for several years now. In general I am a fan of Vista. The search functions, Sidebar, pleasing appearance, enhanced security features, and improved networking functionality are all nice extras and I think MS is taking a big step in the right direction. That being said there are also several things that I am greatly annoyed with in the new OS. Starting with the fact it took MS long enough to release it and to find out there are still major gaps and fixes needed is almost enough to make you abandon Vista altogether. Further the fact that it requires such beefy hardware and requires so much overhead does not make it a good choice to upgrade to. The fact that it is incompatible with several pieces of software I use (which shall remain unnamed) that are less than three years old is also very irritating, and the boot-up and shut down times are too long.as a rule. My general thought, Vista has failed to live up to all the hype.

Most non-techie types I know hate Vista and some have even downgraded back to XP, mostly I think because they do not like the way things have been moved around and the menus have changed. Or perhaps they are using older hardware and are unhappy with the performance. I would encourage everyone to give Vista a chance with an open mind and the right hardware it is a good OS. I do however have some advice for people thinking about upgrading your XP box... don't. Don't bother trying to upgrade your two to three year old PC, buy new hardware, it takes lot of ram and pretty impressive video hardware to get the full Vista experience.

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Josh Nicholes

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