Friday, April 25, 2008

Best Password Partices

I thought I would take a moment to share the way I develop easy to remember, secure, and complex passwords. Think of a phrase that contains six to eight words; like: "The best things in life are free!" Pick something that is easy to remember or has a meaning to you personally. Take the first letter in each word. SO: TBTILAF!, alternate capitals and lowercase like so: tBtIlAf!. It is also very useful to add in a number or special character if possible. Some suggestions are replace "to" with "2" or "at" with "@". In my case I am going to change the last word of the pharse to "three" instead of "free". So our password would be tBtIlA3! This password is 8 characters long, contains both capital and lowercase letters, it contains a number, and a special character, and is not a word in any dictionary.

This is the technique I have used for a long time to develop passwords, although the one above is not on of mine... sorry. If you must wirite it down then write out the entire pharse, people will think its just an insparational quote not your password.

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Josh Nicholes

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