Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stop or I'll call the internet cops!

Does anyone else think that it is bogus that AT&T, Comcast, and some other ISPs have agreed to play internet cop and filter out torrent traffic and file sharing content they believe to be copyrighted material? First of all how do they know what traffic constitutes copyright infringment? Have they forgotten that there are ligitment uses for torrents and other types of file sharing? I am concerned that this is the first step in regulating the internet. I do not advicate piracy however this is not what I want from my ISP. They are a 'service provider' which means I want fast, reliable,uncensored internet. Let me worry about what I download. I also see that the torrents have developed a type of encryotion to beat this filtering. All I can say to that is... GOOD. The internet is supposed to be publicly accessible, unfiltered, and remain in the public domain. Tell your ISP to stop filtering traffic and spying on your net usage and mind their own business.

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Josh Nicholes

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