Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 Ways to Protect Your PC

Here are 10 simple ways to protect and secure your data.

#10. Backup - hard disk fail, laptops are stolen, bad things happen. Never trust your computer, thumb-drive, or external hard disk. Data should be in two places at all times.

#9. Use Antivirus Software, and Keep it Updated - I recommend avast antivirus.

#8. Use Spyware Scanner, and Keep it Updated - I recommend Microsoft defender.

#7. Enable Windows firewall or use a third-party firewall - At the very least use the windows firewall or use Zonealarm.

#6. Install Updates and Patches - Enable automatic updates and don't forget to install optional updates and driver software.

#5. Protect User Accounts - Make sure all accounts are password protected and disable guest accounts.

#4. Keep all software up-to-date - Periodically update all non-ms software such as adobe, firefox, nero, or java.

#3. Use strong passwords - Passwords should be longer than 5 characters, contain capitals, lower-case letters, and numbers.

#2. Disable file and printer sharing - especially on public networks.

#1. Protect documents - Use encryption and or passwords to protect word docs, spreadsheets, databases, or pdf documents.

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Josh Nicholes

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