Saturday, January 26, 2008

What's Up MAC?

Seems to me that things not looking so good for Apple computers these days. I've read numerous articles calling the iPhone a flop. It's overpriced, feature poor, and only works on AT&T's service. (Unless you have one of those hacked versions that everyone's talking about.) Other manufactures are offering their own touch phones that have more features and are less expensive .

Sales of the iPod are way down suggesting market saturation, seeing that 40% of Apple's revenue last year came from the iPod this is not a good sign. As with the iPhone many manufactures are offering iPod clones that have more features and a smaller price tag. I recommend Sandisks Sansa player.

Apple's computers have traditionally been more expensive than other pc's running Windows or Linux, but they have maintained a loyal following of faithful OSX users over the years. To be fair though their are some features found only on Mac's that are interesting. However, now that Apple is using Intel hardware many users are using OSX software on non-mac pc's. Giving raise to what's know as the Hackintosh.

So I have to wonder what's in Apple's future. Are they going to give up the hardware industry and focus only on their software?

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Josh Nicholes

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