Saturday, January 26, 2008

Welcome to the Google Revolution

I predict that one day Google will rule the world. I am continually impressed and intrigued by the projects that are produced by Google. We all know that they have the best and most sophisticated search algorithm, but what about all the other cool Google projects. Scholar, Blogger, Gmail, Calendar, Translator, Maps, Mobile, Earth, Moon, Gadgets, Books, Imaging, Shopping, News, Groups, Youtube, Reader, Docs, Translate, Video, and Webmaster Tools to name a few. It is truly amazing that you can manage gis, email, scheduling, and creating docs and spreadsheets via Google without any need to install software on your PC. Add to that the release of go ogles unofficial operating system and Google truly can be your one-stop for all things Internet. In fact Google is putting this power of integration and web management in the hands of companies. The question is what can we expect from Google next?

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Josh Nicholes

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