Saturday, January 26, 2008

Welcome to the Google Revolution

I predict that one day Google will rule the world. I am continually impressed and intrigued by the projects that are produced by Google. We all know that they have the best and most sophisticated search algorithm, but what about all the other cool Google projects. Scholar, Blogger, Gmail, Calendar, Translator, Maps, Mobile, Earth, Moon, Gadgets, Books, Imaging, Shopping, News, Groups, Youtube, Reader, Docs, Translate, Video, and Webmaster Tools to name a few. It is truly amazing that you can manage gis, email, scheduling, and creating docs and spreadsheets via Google without any need to install software on your PC. Add to that the release of go ogles unofficial operating system and Google truly can be your one-stop for all things Internet. In fact Google is putting this power of integration and web management in the hands of companies. The question is what can we expect from Google next?

Posted by:
Josh Nicholes

What's Up MAC?

Seems to me that things not looking so good for Apple computers these days. I've read numerous articles calling the iPhone a flop. It's overpriced, feature poor, and only works on AT&T's service. (Unless you have one of those hacked versions that everyone's talking about.) Other manufactures are offering their own touch phones that have more features and are less expensive .

Sales of the iPod are way down suggesting market saturation, seeing that 40% of Apple's revenue last year came from the iPod this is not a good sign. As with the iPhone many manufactures are offering iPod clones that have more features and a smaller price tag. I recommend Sandisks Sansa player.

Apple's computers have traditionally been more expensive than other pc's running Windows or Linux, but they have maintained a loyal following of faithful OSX users over the years. To be fair though their are some features found only on Mac's that are interesting. However, now that Apple is using Intel hardware many users are using OSX software on non-mac pc's. Giving raise to what's know as the Hackintosh.

So I have to wonder what's in Apple's future. Are they going to give up the hardware industry and focus only on their software?

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Josh Nicholes

Monday, January 21, 2008

An Endless Sea of Printers

It is no secret that printer manufactures make their money selling ink not printers. For the last several years now consumers have been able to pick-up an inexpensive color ink jet printers for under $40. These printers work fine for day-to-day print needs as long as you aren't looking for super high quality or volume. When it comes time to replace the ink cartridges the cost is often higher than that of just buying a whole new printer with ink cartridges. Basically this means that the landfills might soon be full of printers that have only used one set of cartridges. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this?

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Josh Nicholes

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ranking of OEM Computer Manufactures

I have been working in IT for a few years now and I have worked on all the models of computers out there. Here is my ranking of some of the top companies generally speaking.

# 10. DELL - In a word garbage, don't waste your money. Extremly cheap components and some of the worst tech support. Why do they sell so many machines - the power of advertising.

#9. Alienware - Extremly overpriced and prone to failure.

#8. E-Machines - Inexpensive machines, and you get what you pay for.

#7. Acer - Decent enough midgrade machines but don't get your expectations up.

#6. Sony - Too expensive.

#5. Gateway - Good starter computer, but be sure to backup often.

#4. Compaq - Since the merger with HP they are much better than they used to be.

#3. Toshiba - Good machines, very durable.

#2. IBM/Lenevo - Since they invented the PC no surprise. Their machines last forever.

#1. HP - My personal favorite. Great tech support, tough machines, and very dependable.

Posted by:
Josh Nicholes

Who wins Blu-Ray or HD DVD - My Opinion

Many other posts out there are touting Blu-Ray as the winner of the Hi-Def DVD wars. Sighting Blu-Ray's superior features as their reason. I disagree I think that HD will emerge the ultimate winner. Though it is true that a long list of heavy hitters are supporting both formats, plain and simple HD DVD is cheaper and it will win. Think back in every other tech battle - least expesive technology always wins. Superior technology doesn't matter. Examples: USb vs. Firewire, Floppy vs. Zip-Disk, and even as far back as Beta vs. VHS.

Posted by:
Josh Nicholes